Oh Canada...

How you've endeared me. Let me count the ways.

First of all, there's the beer store. I don't even drink beer, but there's something about the compact storefront, walls lined with all the different beer you offer, just ready to be rolled out, all cold and frosty. It tickles me.

Also, you do totally speak in questions, the most important of which must be "eh?" And it's adorable, really, because you're also very warm and sweet people. Perhaps it's because it's colder up there, so it's an insulation thing, I'm not sure. But you seem to lack some of the cynicism we can't seem to shake down here in the U.S.

I have to admit, Tim Horton's? It was disappointing. You can't really claim to have great coffee there. There's no espresso. great coffee=lots of espresso. However, you restored my faith that a chain restaurant can not completely suck, and that's important, because they're taking over the world. Two words: Swiss Chalet.

Niagra Falls is super cool. I like what you've done with all the falling water. Impressive. Ok, so technically, we also have the falls on the U.S. side, but I've been told that your view is better, and from what I saw, I totally believe it. The other cool thing about Niagra is all the other stuff you've situated conveniently around it, for my traveling pleasure. The butterfly sanctuary, for example. So amazing. Thousands of them, and they landed on me 4 times, which you would think would freak me out, with my whole bug phobia thing, but no. I'd also like to point out that they landed on the boyfriend 0 times, which means he so totally owes me a massage, even though none of them actually landed right exactly on my finger. Four landings to 0 landings. I win by default. But I digress.

Oh, and the jazz station that comes in for hours all around there? Nice touch. I can't remember the last time I put on a radio station and was content to not touch the dial (or button, really. I mean, this isn't 1950) for more than a couple of songs, much less for hours. Well done.

Good times, Canada.


Matt Q said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself eh?

Jeff said...

So you're gonna tell me that those cheese-eating surrender monkeys ran a country better than we do? And that Niagra Falls is better than New Jersey? And that you now call this dalliance a BOYFRIEND?

Mon ami, you've got it bad. I can only hope Wheezy doesn't catch it. This blog needs some sanity.

sitboaf said...

With all that gushing, I thought I was reading another guest blog. But now I realize that you were brainwashed by Eskimos.
I bet that the next time you're the victim of frottage on a sticky NY sidewalk, you'll snap out of it.
At least I hope so.

kerrianne said...

I've only been to Canada twice, but it was a good time, both times. I've always thought the air was fresher there. Or maybe that was just the Vacation talking.

Woodchuck said...

Oh how I love Canada. I was up to see Niagra Falls last fall and loved it. My region for work covers four providences and I can't wait to go back.

Someday soon I hope to take my DW (MonkeyDragon) with me when I go.

elizabeth said...

matt: indeed, eh. I think based on that trip alone, I'm going to remain anti-invading-Canada, to steal all of your resources. You're welcome!

jeff: hmm not sure. I've done everything in my power to spread that thing I've caught.

boaf: i apologize. i'm sure to return to regular cynicism in no time at all.

kerrianne: oh, cleaner for sure. i did my part by smoking lots, you know, to try to make it a little more homey and americanized.

woodchuck: i highly recommend you bring the wifey on your next trip. especially since she might begin hitting you when you go to cool places without her. that's what i'd do.