Bulk Mail Folder

Every once in a while I'll open up the spam folder on my email account to scan through looking for any emails that may not have made it to the right folder. Mostly because I'm slowly transitioning to a new email account and I ran into that problem a couple times already.

So this morning I was scanning through the senders of all of my bulk mail when I saw the name Andrew. My friend Andrew lives in Utah with only one wife. We were best friends until my parents moved our family out of Utah and to the 38th bestest state in America, Michigan. We had recently reconnected on email and I gave him my new address in my turtle-speed quest to begin using my new email more.

I wasn't finding anything that looked like a real email until I was just about through deleting them all. The name Andrew was about halfway down the page so I took a peek at the subject and I'm thinking it isn't the same Andrew. Unless for some reason he has taken a keen interest in helping me achieve a "rock hard cock..."

I missed the WPBT gathering this weekend, a twice yearly poker blogger assault on the city of Las Vegas. I've been to just about every other one, but with other things planned this month (and the out-of-state girlfriend getting the bulk of my time and monetary focus) I just couldn't swing it. I plan on hitting up the December trip though, assuming nothing gets in the way.

Hell, I'm not really a poker blogger (let alone just a blogger) anymore anyways. I don't have my own site, I rarely post, and I even more rarely post about poker.

Not that I don't think about writing. Most days I find myself thinking numerous times about writing up something interesting that either just happened, or just popped into my head. The problem is it's usually during the day when I'm without the ability to post. Then when I get home I lose the thought or desire to login and bust something out.

It's a good thing I cemented my status as an A-Lister early, which allows access to the AL Lounge and invites to super-special events around the country.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get over to the local elementary school to give a talk on what it's like to be an Internet Celebrity.


Irritable Male Syndrome said...

You earned the coveted "Charter Member" distinction in the poker blogging community years ago. You don't lose that, not even when you're too fat to mash the keyboard.

Jeff said...

Is nobody concerned that this blog has deteriorated into Bitty's discussion of dressing her sister's ugly offspring and Wheezy's quest to spend more time with elementary school children?

People!! I don't want to rock the Airstream Trailer with common sense, but we've been transported from a mild-mannered and fun NJ blog to one that would be mainstream for Bo and Luke Duke and anyone who has to abbreviate the word West on their West Virginia license.


Futhermore, the capcha letters I had to type in today spelled out a dirty word I think - elqumftk - or at least it sounds dirty if you yell it out during sex.