fabulous weekend

I went away for a nice, relaxing weekend in New Hope, PA over the weekend. For those of you unaware, New Hope is the mecca for 2 groups of people. Gay boys and bikers. Guess which group I was hanging out with.

Fabulous Gay John and I packed up our dogs and our swimsuits and headed to the quaint country town. We stayed stumbling distance away from what is essentially the only gay bar there. Meet the weekend's mascot:

I know you might say "but a drink cannot be a mascot. Mascots are furry-suited people who dance around and act foolish at sporting events." Just trust me on this one. If you have more than 2 of these, you will gladly dress up in any furry costume available and act foolish. You will also actively be removing the filter between your brain and mouth, and if you don't have much of one to begin with, it might only take 1 1/2 of these to dissolve it.

So, my mascot and I hung out and made some friends, approached unassuming handsome men and all but pimped-out fabulous gay John. p.i.n.k. honesty is the best wingman around. It will still laugh at you when you fall flat on your face while somehow managing to hold onto your half full champagne bottle, without spilling a drop. This is why we got along so well.


Donkeypuncher said...

God I was hoping to see that the author of this post was Wheezy. That woulda made my month.

elizabeth said...

well i have given him explicit permission to go on as many lesbian vacations as he'd like, since he's so cool with my fab gay boy weekends.

i'm sure those stories, should they ever exist, would make your year.

Wheezy said...

I have already searched the net for lesbian communities and hope to book somewhere in the vicinity of 45 weekend getaways with lesbians next year. I've put out feelers.

elizabeth said...

sorry, but 45 weekends cuts into my goodness time. you'll have to scale back your plans a bit.

MonkeyDragon said...

again, I just do not get out enough