Yes, please. Thank you.

some stuff I like. Click through the pictures to get more info.

sigh...awesome. I know, I'm such a chick. But what a good reason to go to San Francisco. It's a choose-your-own-adventure love story spray painted in the Mission District.

I might not even be able to tell what time it is with this clock, but I don't think I'd care.

it may not play as loud as my modern iPod dock, but it's way prettier.

these cufflinks are made from stadium seats. Yankees shown here, but lots of stadiums available. Oh, they also have pens, bottle openers and corkscrews for those of you who aren't the french cuff type (you should rethink that, though, because chicks dig cute cufflinks).

Puebla, Mexico hotel was once a water purification plant. I suddenly need a vacation.