If I were the kind of girl

who wrote sickeningly sweet posts about weekends away with my amazing man, I would have lots to write.

But since I'm not, I'll tell you some other stuff.

Like how I played golf for the first time. Yes, me. Badass extraordinaire...I swung large sticks at small white balls amongst throngs of other people doing the same. Considering that I've never done that before, I didn't humiliate myself, which was my only goal, really. I'm bad at sucking at stuff, even if doing something for the first time. Also, there was lots of money raised for charity. So I got to not suck while helping a good cause.

If I was that type of girl previously mentioned, I'd tell you now about a silent auction where the amazing man (also previously mentioned) made the winning bid on a week at a sweet cabin in Canadialand. There could be speculation about how romaaaaantic such a getaway would be. But there will be none of that.

Instead, I will give you the latest update on the preg-o sister. Things are status quo. Still bedresting, still hoping the little one stays put for a couple more weeks. And lest you worry that I'm obsessing over the new baby before she even arrives, and neglecting sweet Lillian, I give you this:

It's not even possible to neglect such a face, I assure you. I must admit though, that I'm curious about how she will react to the new baby in the house. I'll be there soon, maybe I'll get to see it for myself.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, she's going to be a dirt biker!

For the record, just in case anyone is curious, Elizabeth hit to within 12 feet of the pin on a par 3, bogeyed a par 4, and never had swung a golf club before last thursday.

She's like a child prodigy only not a child!

She just might be the next big thing in womens golf. Not sure she'll be up for the whole bad clothes-chubby-lesbian vibe, but she'll get used to it.

-The Boyfriend

Jeff Cutler said...

I was just wandering about reading random posts because I've been busy on my three sites and have been missing the twisting and the inane rants of the Wheezemaster.

So, after reading some crap about being fleeced for preseason tickets and someone winning a weekend at the Canadian version of the Shining, I noticed that the ugly baby has all growed up.

You'll notice that the twisting has caused hair to grow right out of the sides of her head. Serves her right for being ugly and for being the target of toddler twisting.

Finally, if you think this is just me being unfeeling toward your ugly neice (or nephew - how can you really tell when something like that is so ugly?), I am a feeling guy.

In fact, I'm buying a scooter soon just to show my solidarity with the environment.

How about you unhand your sex-toy boyfriend and hideous niece and go read my blog for a change? Huh, how bout it?