Contemplation in a Reality World

Is it wrong for a skinny girl to watch The Biggest Loser while eating 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry's? Because that oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream is yummy.

Do the Beauty & The Geek people realize that putting a man "beauty" on the show will just make most women feel worse for him than the actual geeks? First of all, he's not even good-looking. Also? Dumber than all the chicks on the show, from the little we've see of him thus far. Dumber than a bunch of girls who were unable the winner of the Civil War, the current vice president, the author of Hamlet, or the composer of Beethoven's 5th. While some of the social awkwardness of the geeky guys is cringe-worthy, they are geniuses. They are MIT students, Harvard graduates, and fine, they may play Dungeons & Dragons in actual costume with styrofoam swords, but they will all be gainfully employed after the show. "Beauty" boy might get a higher billing with his Chippendale's show. I guess it will raise the sex quotient on the show. One of those chicks will totally dig him.

Is it wrong to hate yourself a little bit for watching any of this stuff? Because I do.


Lisa said...

Yes, it's wrong for a skinny girl to watch The Biggest Loser while eating Ben & Jerry's. Fat people all over the world are presently plotting your demise. ;)