New Sprint Phone Offering!

Sure, the IphOne is getting all the press, but Sprint is doing great things in the cell phone market these days as well. I'll share. You're welcome.

This sleek new offering by the Sprint marketing team is a real beauty. The SP-400 isn't just a phone, it's a way of life.

Features include:

* New (non-retractable) Antenna!
* 0-9 Keys!
* Star and Pound Keys!
* LCD Screen!
* Black and white color scheme shows you're down with racial harmony!
* Ergonomic design!

Take it to dinner with you. Bring it with you on long drives. Hell, take it anywhere your gigantic pockets may be going.

And Sprint didn't just stop with this beautifully designed phone. No, they went ahead and coupled this smart phone with one of the best networks available today.

No more wondering why your call just dropped. With Sprint you'll know exactly why because you'll routinely be searching for signals. Basements, buildings, in cars, at work, at home, outskirts of a big city, inskirts of a big city, at school, and anywhere you see trees Sprint will ensure you have less than one bar.

Here's a look (for all the geeks out there) at their network hub...

Sprint also has a really nice feature available which allows you to somehow spend an additional $50 every month on random charges no matter how smartly you select your plan. It's pretty sweet.

This new phone by Sprint is just the thing to get for yourself, or friends and family, this upcoming holiday season.


Betty Underground said...

That is one gorgeous piece of technology. Too bad my Sprint discount connection work for Mattel now.

elizabeth said...

hot! sign me up, please.