iPod envy

As I'm sure anyone who follows Apple Geekery can tell you, the new iPod was announced today. It's basically the iPhone without the phone. Internet? Yup. WiFi with Safari, Google, YouTube, iTunes music store (Which you will be able to access for FREE from Starbucks). Cool, bigger touch screen that shows music videos, TV shows and movies? Hell yeah. You know what else? iTunes is going to have ringtones for the iPhone. Ones you can make yourself with a built in thingy (highly technical term) in iTunes, including stuff you've already purchased and downloaded. 99¢ each.

image via apple.com

Just a sign that Apple is already working on all of the things everyone has been bitching about regarding the iPhone. Sofware updates are going to fix all kinds of stuff. New iPod storage and battery life are getting better and better, which means the next generation iPhone will be, too. It can't be too far away. Already, they've marked down the 8GB iPhone to $399.

***Geek Disclaimer: Surprisingly, I have no affiliation with Apple or any of its products, partners or affiliates. I just dig them.***

It's important to note that I can easily be bought bribed convinced to say many more complimentary things about all sorts of new products (my powerbook is getting quite old, for example) if Apple decides to hand them over to me...purely for marketing purposes, of course.

Aren't geeks hot? Settle down, boys. I'm totally taken.


Betty Underground said...

I am totally commenting on your post from my iPhone!

I am biased, but those new iPods are bad ass.