So I'm a little late welcoming you all to September. Sorry about that, I've been a little busy over the weekend, which wasn't as long as I would have liked. Can we try to add a couple or 12 extra hours on weekends? Sometimes? Like once or twice a month would be helpful.

Despite the new masthead stuff up there, the weather is actually quite lovely. You'd never even know summer is running away from us at a brisk pace. This morning, I wasn't so sure about that, because I think my internal temperature gauge was busted...but that's a whole different story...and one I'm not going to tell, because it involves the kind of thing I only discuss with my girlfriends and bestest fabulous gay boys. Instead, I will tell you about a movie!

I went to go see Superbad. If you haven't seen it yet, you must. Yes, it's a movie about adolescent geeks. Yes, there are dick jokes, and the typical boy-girl awkwardness that happens in all geeks-in-high-school-movies. Only in this movie? It's 145% funnier than you think it might be.


sitboaf said...

Hmm, bodily changes. AND I saw a license plate this morning that reads:
You're obviously growing a little Twistee of your own. It shall be named after my verification word of the day - Tuwanbo.
Yeah, that's pretty. And it works for a boy or a girl.

Wheezy said...

Congrats on the new baby!

elizabeth said...

whoa...easy people! this is how rumors get started. my sister is the only current baby carrier in this family. that baby ticker has gone to your heads.

Jeff Cutler said...

It's been a while since I've posted here because I didn't see or hear anything about baby twisting or making or other COOL activities (FOR YOU, NOT FOR ME!!!! I'm all set, thanks).

But now that your oven bun is cooking nicely I want to say, good work. You need a little weight on your frame to make you look even hotter!

Yo, Junk. Yo da man! Good swimmers!!

Please send photos of you from the rear so we can accurately gauge if it's a boy or a girl.