The boyfriend and I spent the weekend visiting my sister and the family, with the newest little member, Violet. Because he is awesome, he actually brought his camera, unlike me, so thanks to him, I bring you the cuteness.

Lillian holding her new baby sister, who stayed in the hospital a couple of days because she was a little pumpkin-ish. The jauntice cleared up pretty quickly and she's home now, doing great, eating like a piglet, just like Lillian. She will be chunky in no time. Also, her feet are huge. Some of her daddy's genes totally snuck through with this one.

Lillian celebrating the arrival of her new sister, the presence of her second favorite thing (balloon!), and the fact that this coat, which I got her when she was still very tiny, now fits for this winter. Yay! She was also wearing her mommy's Uggs with this ensemble, which made me laugh so hard, there were tears.

Favorite things about Lillian this trip:
her obsession with shoes. (or SHOOOSE, as she would say...repeatedly and excitedly).

About 30 seconds after anyone in the room leaves the room, she acknowledges their absence (bye bye, Bob).

"Day-doo" = thank you. So cute.


kerrianne said...

Hurrah! for babies.

sitboaf said...

"Jauntice" sounds like a fun disease, as if you like to hop in your convertible and take country drives too often. I think you meant "jaundice".

elizabeth said...

kerri: hurrah, indeed!!!

boaf: yes, you've caught me with a typo...that i'm now keeping in there, because jauntice sounds totally fun.