It's Over

So, I finished the intensive part of my yoga teacher training yesterday. Now it's all about putting in the hours to complete my certification, and that includes actually teaching, along with some homework and things.

Overall, the experience was really great. Despite my snarkiness, all of the people I was in training with were really great, and on days some of us didn't get a break in the 15 hours we were there, the others would run out and get us food and stuff. Though the food was pretty much in juice and raw food form. Yup, my entire diet for 10 days consisted of fresh juice from the juice bar down the street, the occasional all-vegan power bar type thingy, and fruit. Despite the fact that it was difficult, I have to admit that my body feels all sorts of good. I get why people eat that way all the time. I also must admit that I really enjoy actual cooked, hot food, so I'm not going to be all-raw vegan any time soon.

With the (very carnivorous, wine drinking, veggie-hating) boyfriend coming to visit this weekend, that would be pretty much impossible anyway. I'm sure I'll find a happy medium so as not to yank my body into complete food shock.

I found out some cool stuff about what my body is capable of during the training, not the least of which is waking up at ungodly hours and pushing myself to physical limits. Letting go of preconceived limits of one's self is a perspective changer.
Today there is lots of TiVo to catch up on, cleaning and laundry, and my regularly scheduled yoga class this evening, which will likely feel like yoga preschool to my body at this point. Should be fun.

Unfortunately, I had to trade off Halloween this year for all this other stuff, and that's a shame, because I totally would have been a kickass Cherry Darling.