The Torment Continues

Note to self: do not start bitching about 3 yoga classes in a day, because the next day, you will do 4. OUCH

I failed to mention that the vegetarianism is not just relegated to the wannabe yogis in training. Bringing the flesh to eat into the yoga center is, in fact, forbidden. So I am officially vegetarian for 10 days. The last time I didn't eat meat for a few weeks (years ago), I became all sickly looking. We shall see what happens. I do know a lot more about food these days, have a sister who has been a vegetarian for years, so I don't think I'm in danger of any sort of malnutrition, but I'd be lying if I said a cheeseburger didn't sound scrumptious right now. Even my sister eats eggs. To quote one of the mentors at yoga: "Every being wants to live. Even if the egg is unfertilized, it had the potential to be someone's baby. You don't eat someone's baby". Other favorite things said so far:

"I'm really sore today, and I'm wondering, when I'm a teacher, if I could find a way to avoid having my students feel that way." Ummm are your students going to be taking 4 yoga classes a day? We're ALL sore. This is NOT normal activity. You should probably make your students lie on the floor for the whole hour of class and maybe chant a little. Nobody will be sore.

In anatomy class: "Are we going to be able to graduate if we don't remember all this stuff?" Yes, genius. I'm sure that in medical school, doctors aren't expected to remember all that weird body stuff either. We're just going over all of this so you can put the books on your shelf at home and impress people. But you know, it would be nice if someone you were teaching asked you about an injury, your response wasn't "You probably hurt the bendy part of your leg because you weren't focusing enough on your 4th chakra".

Which leads me to this genius observation:, made by a fellow trainee: "If one of your students gets hurt in your class, it's because of your karma". The worst part of that statement is that someone else in the class agreed with him.

My theory is that the long hours and strenuous physical activity is making people a little retarded. I have already put fail proof measures in place to ensure that I don't catch it (I've told the boyfriend to tell me if I start sounding even slightly retarded).

The good news is that the people in charge of this shindig are actually concerned with the physicality of it, as they should be. Yes, they have strong beliefs about meat eating, and they're all about the spiritual part of the practice, but all of that stuff students are saying? That's theirs alone. The program is a strong one. It's tough, but that's a good thing.

Also, you know when you were little and someone would give you an airplane? Them lying on their back and your hips balanced on their feet, holding hands? It's actually a great way to stretch someone out. It's my new favorite thing. Must teach boyfriend how to do this.


Uncle Bracelet said...

Pork is like razor blade technology. Sure, one razor can give you a great shave, but two? Better. Add a third blade and you don't have overkill, you've got yourself a better shave. This won't change no matter how many blades you add.

Pork is similar. One type of pork is delicious, but add another pork to your pork dish and it gets better. Three pork products? Well, you do that and you've got yourself something sweeter than yoohoo.

Deliciousness of pork is directly proportional to how many pork varietals you add to it.