yogi trauma

I had planned on blogging all kinds of good stuff for you all during my yoga teacher training, but after 2 days, I can easily tell you that will be impossible because holy crap, I'm tired. The first day was the "easy" day, where we only did 2 classes of actual yoga, with some posture breakdowns. Those are for learning how to talk a bunch of beginner yoga students through the class, and not physically demanding. Today, though, we had morning class, then 2 back to back classes in the evening. That's 4 1/2 hours of yoga, people. My muscles are literally twitching as I write this.

So, while there will be not greatly detailed day-in-the-life posts, I will give you these key points:

As you may expect, lots of yoga people are hippies. That's all cool with me, except for the one dude who described himself as "not having a permanent residence" on the first day. From the looks of him, I immediately thought "How the hell did a homeless guy afford to pay tuition?" Then he was next to me in the first yoga class of the day, and my olfactory senses agreed with that assessment. Attentions hippies: There are natural, hippy-friendly deodorants. Use them. Thankfully I was able to rearrange my spot during classes, so at least his B.O. isn't all up in my business.

I might be the only flesh eater in the training program. We only get a one hour break during our 14 hour days, and the only places that have been recommended to me to grab food in the area are: a health food store, a tea place that has ALL VEGAN DESERTS!!! (oh yum), and a vegetarian restaurant. After day one, I realized that keeping food on the light side would be a good idea for the tummy anyway, so it's not that big a deal, but I'm pretty sure that if these people realized how often I stop at Fat Burger after my regular yoga class, I'd get stoned to death...you know, to repay my bad karma for eating all of those delicious cows.

What I ate (I use that term very loosely) today: 1/2 protein bar type thingy, a fresh mango/apple/banana juice, blueberries and an avocado. This could get rough.

On a happy note, check out sweet little Violet:

There will be more photos of that sweet little girl, but right now, my sister's iPhoto is all banged up for some reason. I'm relying solely on my mom for photos until it's fixed


Jeff Cutler said...

Maybe this 'baby' as you call it, should be called shrek. What's with the massive arms it has and why are they crosswise on the ugly baby's body?

On a happy note for Wheezy, we had SausageFest 2007 at my house and we have leftovers. He's welcome to trek up to MA to grab some. Link to the post and photos... http://bowlofcheese.com/?p=468

You're welcome. (subliminal message... twist the petals off the violet)

Uncle Bracelet said...

I didn't notice before, but that baby is bowlegged!

Oh the life of ridicule and torture this little one will receive. It isn't fair. Hear that Jebus?

She also appears to be missing half a pointer finger and half a thumb on her right hand. Who's been eating the baby, people? Fess up now and I won't call the cops.

Joe Speaker said...

You should bring your own lunch. Like a full rack of ribs and maybe a pot roast.

No...veal! Yes. Veal.