Anatomy of the Eyeball

Today, we shall get a lesson in eyeball anatomy, in thanks to my left eye, and its inability to not injure itself. Yup, that stabbing-in-the-eyeball pain that awoke me from slumber was self-inflicted by my very own eye. Sweet, huh?

Ok, so, there is a layer of the cornea called the corneal epithelium. It's a barricade that is supposed to protect the eye and is kept moist with tears. It's the layer they peel back when doing LASEK surgery. A helpful diagram:

that clear outer part is what we're talking about here.

Apparently, if one's eyes are not properly lubricated at night, that part of the cornea can stick to the eyelid, and upon sudden awakening, the opeing eyelid takes the epithelial layer with it, causing a tear. Yummy. My boyfriend's theory that because my eyeballs are so big, everything on there is stretched to capacity, doesn't seem to hold any weight, but it was pretty funny.

Some people experience this repeatedly, in both eyes. There's a name for it. Cogan's Dystrophy


The initial symptoms may include severe eye pain on waking in the morning, photophobia (intolerance to light), "something in my eye" sensation and slightly reduced visual perception.

Luckily, those particular eyeball cells are fast growing and regenerating, so I'm not going to look like a pirate. In fact, it already feels about 50% better.

Though it would be fun to be able to say "aaaargh" a lot, with great authority, having a real pirate's eye patch, I kind of like my peepers as they are. Also? Going to the eye doctor confirmed what I already thought was true. Vision in my uninjured eye (and presumably in the ouchie one, when not injured) is super awesome. Perfect, really. Which means I won't be paying anyone to slice into my eyeball ON PURPOSE to fix my vision. Stop doing that, people. Glasses are cute. Not as cute as my perfect vision, but still.

This concludes your lesson in eyeball anatomy.


Betty Underground said...

It is a proven fact that getting glasses turned up my hot dial, as in the naughty board room exe look - not the nerd's girlfriend.

Still, as with most everything, naked peepers are still the best.

Congrats on your totally perfect vision.

I will be over here sticking my finger in my eye to simulate perfect vision.

Susan said...

I have to say that a scratch on my cornea was one of my worst childhood memories. I used to do it all the time with the hard contact lenses. Eye pain is bad. I'm glad it's clearing up so quickly. usually took me about 18 hours to recover fully.