Thankful for...

I'm sure there will be lots of these in the next few days, but what can I say? I'm a trend setter. A few things to be thankful for at the moment:

Working eyeballs. Other senses are also appreciated. The whole hearing and tasting and all of that, but just now, the eyesight is feeling particularly good to me.

Uncrazy family. Because, of course, all of the family can't be sane. There's nothing like the beginning of the holiday season to bring out the crazy in the rest of them.

An awesome man who makes me laugh daily, even on days I don't think there's much to laugh at. Everyone should have someone in their life who has this special gift. But you can't have mine. I'm keeping him.

Cute babies. I happen to have 2 adorable nieces who fill that role quite nicely, but really, all cute babies are something to be thankful for. Who else can look cute drooling? If you think you do, I assure you, you're wrong.

Scary movies. I know this seems trivial, but I really really like them. Have you seen 28 Days Later? Bloody, gory, downright creepy. But so enjoyable.

Furry animals who love unconditionally. So much better than a lot of people. If you are a person who hates animals, you should stop reading this immediately. I find you highly suspect as a feeling human being. Go away.

Then of course, there's good health and the roof over my head, and all of the regular niceties in life, and those are all cool things. Take this next week to be thankful for some stuff. It's good for you.


kerrianne said...

I do enjoy a good scary movie from time to time. Have you seen "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"? I highly recommend if you are in the mood for scary.

: )