Belated as Usual

It just occurred to me that my 2nd anniversary here passed a week ago. I'm late and forgetful with dates's only fitting that the day passed without acknowledgment. I cannot, in fact, recall when I began the prelude to this site, which quietly lurked on my .mac address and was read by a handful of people.

Anyway, two years have passed, and it almost seems like the title of this place has become extinct. While I can (always) occasionally find things to bitch about, it's a lot less bitchy than in days past. I'm thinking of changing it. Not sure to what. Suggestions completely welcome.

When I started writing here, I wasn't planning on some of the results. Like meeting anyone out in the real world because of it, much less meeting a man. It was, in fact, the last thing I expected. Yet, that happened, and because of him, I've met other people who have all met each other the same way, and it's completely surreal.

The world is getting smaller, indeed. I don't know when I'll feel like I have nothing left to say here, because it still proves to be a good outlet for me when I actually use it. It's bound to happen, though. Until then, thanks for reading, especially to those of you who have been there (silently lurking) from the beginning, and to those of you I've met and have discovered to be far more impressive than invisible internet people should be. There are some of you still out there I'm excited to meet, when the time is right. Until then, I shall happily settle for your presence here.

Clink - Cheers!


Uncle Bracelet said...

Happy belated anniversary!

A few suggestions...

Tall. Fiesty. Artistic. Norwegian.

Anonymous said...

LilBit More said...

I love the way original bloggy intentions change over the years! we've been writing online. I know mine certainly have, and like you, I had NO idea that I would meet and marry! a man I met through my website. Sheer craziness, that. And yet it's somehow perfect. I love that.

Betty said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Be More Bitchy Please

Susan said...



Seemore. Then make it a nudie site.