boobies and flowers!

Welcome to March! It is Women's History Month. It's also the month when Spring begins! Spring means the end of Winter! Winter sucks, so that is good. These two wonderful reasons to celebrate March are also connected, because Spring means warmer weather and women have boobies. When the weather is warmer, the boobies are under far less layers of clothing. So celebrate women! And warm weather!

On a completely unrelated note, here is something else I like:

No, it's not the goofy looking people sitting around the table, but the table itself that I dig. Simple lines, sure. More importantly though, it has a secret:


Uncle Bracelet said...

Interesting that you chose that body type for the picture on your banner. I like it. Everything looks like the perfect size and shape. And don't forget that I'm an expert on such things. Knighted, in fact, for such knowledge and bravery.

I think if someone created every piece of furniture with gaming and guy stuff in mind we could have the greatest collection of furniture in the history of the world.

An end table that reveals secret porn compartments, a china cabinet that opens up as a dart board, a refrigerator that only holds steaks and beer, etc.

Jeff Cutler said...

I suspect that the banner and this post were NOT the work of Bitty.

My writing sabbatical has begun so I won't waste precious electrons berating the 'man' for his blatant exploitation of the female form or for the multiple use of the word boobies, but will say if you want high-brown literature, go see my writing (did I mention my one-year writing sabbatical has begun??) over at

For random stuff you can always visit



elizabeth said...

the banner and post are totally mine. i always give credit to others when they guest post. i'm the photoshop freak. ha.

Mike N. aka lil bro said...

hey that uncle bracelet is actually going to be an uncle cool is that, now only half his name is a lie...plan a visit to michigan in october...

elizabeth said...

how exciting!!! consider plans made. congratulations!