Valentine Schmalentine

I know you may think that because I have the best man in the world this year, that I'm going to be all squishy and sentimental about Valentine's Day. Ha! I still think it's a silly, convoluted Hallmark holiday. That said, it has given Mr. Awesome a reason to come see me this weekend, so I can't be too angry about it. I'm still angry enough to link to this awesome Valentine Greeting, though. Enjoy.

You may have noticed (if you're not reading this in a feed reader) the "insert name here" in the masthead. I'm still determined to find a new name for this here corner of the interwebs, but am horribly undecided. Perhaps I shall have a contest, with the winner receiving some kind of super cool prize.

I leave you with pictures of Lillian, who has graduated from cutest baby in the world to cutest little girl, as she is now TWO years old. Luckily, the cutest baby slot has been quickly filled by her little sister, as you saw from yesterday's pictures.


Jeff Cutler said...

It's so sad on this Valentine's eve to realize that this wretched and disfigured child will be teased her entire life like the freaks in the circus or Hillary Clinton.

Good luck and start saving for her therapy bills. In fact, perhaps you should start sending her now.

BTW, I will definitely think up a name for your blog if you promise to make the prize something metal and welded.


sitboaf said...

And I'm still waiting for my iron lawn piggy!