Moving Drama

It shall all be documented here. Yes, we have taken the brilliant advice of Miss Betty. Go, enjoy the tribulations.


Jeff Cutler said...

A fellow podcaster and friend of mine has marked today as world COMMENTING day. So here's a comment with which to paper your blog.

Good luck on the move. I wish you'd rant some on how important it is for people to try out the living together thing.

As those of us who have been there know, weekend visits and week-long vacations are no substitute for true Tuesday morning battles or spontaneous frivolity and frolicking on a Thursday before work.

And you'll never know how much of a slob or geek or clean freak or night owl or gamer or slouch or genius your lover is unless you spend serious time with them before you make a big commitment.

Living together pre-marriage is a prerequisite. Good work!


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