I saw this list of 7 Skills Every Woman Should Master over at Mighty Girl. I wanted to do my little part to help get it to 75, like the original Esquire list for men version.

Accept a compliment
Don't apologize or act coy. A simple heartfelt "thank you" will do.

Ask for help
It doesn't make you a frail damsel in distress. It just makes you human.

Let go of a grudge
Some people do things that will piss you off. That's ok. You've done plenty yourself to piss others off. You don't have to be bffs. Just let it go.

Leave the house in a state you are unaccustomed to
If you're the type of girl who never leaves without lipstick, go run some errands with a naked face. If you only wear make-up on special occasions, try putting some on before you go to the grocery store. Either way, it's good perspective on interacting with others while feeling slighty off your normal game.

Be a superfan of a sport, even if only for a day
Pick a team someone you care about loves. Wear the colors. Cheer and shout. Whether in the living room with them, or sitting at the game live. I dare you to not have fun. It's infectious. In the midst of the Triple Crown, this could be the best time, because horse races are super quick, and horses are pretty.

Without interjection, without a story of your own that is reminiscent, without advice. Simply listen attentively.

What skills do you think are important for women? (For those of you who did not click over, yes, the blowjob was already covered)


KajaPoker said...

if it were not for 2 & 7 I would say this woman would actually be.... a man! when women can do 3 we will either get to see the messiah or we'll get armageddon. one of the two for sure.