culinary beautification

My brain works in a semi-obsessive way when it comes to any end of the emotional spectrum. Stressful? Excited? Either way, I tend to let my mind wander down the road of whatever is inspiring that emotion. So it only makes sense that my mind, and plenty of free time has been trained on home stuff. Design, color, furniture, it's all at the forefront of my brain, which is all a too-long explanation to say:

This kitchen cabinet/organizer thing is so beautiful, I want to lick it. And then I want to own it and organize every cooking utensil and small appliance I have, and then find more stuff to organize in it, because look! So much room! Who needs regular stupid kitchen cabinets anyway?


donkeypuncher said...

whoa. where does one purchase that?

elizabeth said...

the company's website (linked through the pictures now...oops) doesn't actually give any information on that particular thing, but i'm sure you can hunt down a store that sells it through their site. if you do, let me know how much it would hurt my bank account!