After well over a decade of not doing much physically except for yoga, I would say I'm in pretty good shape. I was a very competitive gymnast as a kid, though, and have always wondered how able my body would be to do even a fraction of the stuff I did back then.

Well, wonder no more. I took an adult gymnastics class today, and I have to say, it was ridiculously fun. Turns out, muscle memory totally works, and after the first 30 minutes, my body started to get with the program, and I pulled off some basic, yet solid tumbling. Sure, after only a couple of hours, I started feeling the muscle aches, but that is a great sign to me of how much my body needed that extra workout. It was at the 12 hour post-tumbling mark that I realized I might be crippled for the next day or 4. I hurt everywhere. The good kind, that makes you feel you've accomplished something in your body, but also the kind that is really really sore, like so sore I'm afraid of what waking up is going to feel like. I'm still going to go back at least once a week, because I'm a glutton for punishment. Also because I can't believe how much fun flipping in the air is, and I'm a little surprised that I have kept myself from that feeling of flying for this long. What was I thinking?

This weekend, I should be headed to Chicago, but I couldn't pull it off. After moving and all of the expenses that incurred, it was just not meant to be this time around. Sorry to those of you I would have loved to spend the weekend with, especially my man, who is forever patient and took the news much better than I would have in his place. I owe all of you a round of drinks. We were considering Vegas at the end of the summer. Anyone care to meet us there?

In other news, the new iPhone is released tomorrow (technically today if you're the sleeping type), and I will finally be collecting my piece of Apple phone goodness. So very excited. I look forward to my first blog from my iPhone. I'm sure it will be extra delicious just because of the source.


The Bracelet said...

You will be sorely missed, both literally and figuratively.

I saw that the iPhone was coming out today and got excited for you. Make sure you buy mine when you grab yours!