Happy August

Oh, hi! It's August. Sort of snuck up on me. If you're not watching the Olympics, you're missing some nail-biting gymnastics action. Did you know there's a 33 year old woman competing for Germany? That's like 58 in gymnast years, so it's pretty amazing. Also, the men are going to medal, despite being the underdogs. Just watch.

You may have also noticed that things are quiet over at oddcoupling. It's just the frustration of our plans being on indefinite hold, because jobs? They are limiting and highly annoying. Eventually, there will be blissful cohabitation, and you will hear all about it. For now, you will have to be happy with our individual nonsense...or his, at least, because he actually writes more than once a month! Occasionally I'll drop by here and have something to say, I'm sure. Just busy busy busy.


Jeff Cutler said...

A post a month club. That's good. I've started letting Bowl of Cheese languish a little and am concentrating on http://www.jeffcutler.com/jeff a lot more. Find them all at http://www.jeffcutler.com if you're interested.

Hope you have a great fall. Looking forward to September's post.


Betty Underground said...

Well, now it is almost mid September and I am worried you might have been abducted.

Jeff Cutler said...

Now it's the end of October and I'm certain you're lying in an alley behind a NYC sushi restaurant.

Well, I liked it when you used to write.

Jeff Cutler said...

By August do you mean late November? If so, good work keeping up with the blog. Love it.