insomnia is fun

Since I'm not having a very good time with the sleeping (huge surprise), I have been busying myself web hopping looking for a couple of things. There will be a short list at the bottom of this, if anyone is feeling particularly helpful and wishes to blind themselves via google search. In the meantime, let me just say hi to those of you who have stumbled in here. There are more of you than I thought, according to my counter, and I'm sure it's in no small part due to the Freemacware thing. But welcome, just the same, and I apologize for not being more computer geeky and helpful in that arena.

Trying to get my latest project done by the end of next week is stressing me, probably the main reason for the bags that will be under my eyes tomorrow. Here's a little more artist math for you:

Metal structure @ 16Ft. long + artist @ 5Ft.6in. tall + 10 hours in studio = sore, cranky artist

Even so, it's still fun, I'm just really hoping to make my deadline. I also got an email from a former client/designer with a possible business proposition. That's all I'm really willing to say about it now (superstitious), but wish me luck because it could possibly push me out of the "starving" portion of the whole starving artist thing. And I really like to eat.

Ok then, the things I've been in search of:

Stuffed Lion that plays "You are My Sunshine" and tilts its head back and forth (my sister had this toy when we were children, and in one of our many battles, I broke it. She has never fully recovered. I would really like to get some sort of similar thing for her little baby girl). I'm considering altering some other stuffed animal so it imitates a lion, but I figured I'd put it out there.

Some kind of childproofing gadget to prevent opening a door. No, I have no children. What I do have is a very pesky and mischievous Shar-Pei who thinks it's ok if he pushes my bedroom door open when I leave the house so he can sleep on my bed. I don't want to put in some big icky deadbolt or anything, just something that would keep a perpetual toddler from drooling all over my freshly washed sheets. I'm newly single, people. Dog drool is so not sexy.

ok back to trying to sleep now


sitboaf said...

Good luck!
Is this doggie problem one of just pushing open the door? Or actually turning some kind of knob/lever?
I take it that the problem is the former, owing to a door that does not latch properly. Please clarify. Thank you.

elizabeth said...

yes, the door does not latch properly, so he can just push on it and it pops open. he did, however, in my old place, figure out how to open a door with a lever handle. he's a crafty little bastard.