Did I forget to mention?

Remember when I talked about the hours of time wasted watching tv, and what shows I give all that wasted time to? Well, as some of you may know, Love Monkey, which had the most promise of any new sitcom-ish show in ages, got canned after only 3 episodes. I was completely annoyed by the premature death of this show. BUT, while I was away, I discovered that Vh1 was picking it up and airing the whole first season! TiVo it, people, you will thank me later. Perhaps if it gets the cult following it deserves, it will be back in network and a new season will follow.

*disclaimer: I do realize that there are some trite things about the show. The fact that Tom's group of bestest friends includes a cooler-than-you black guy, a gay (but manly sports reporter) guy, and a woman (where's the token asian character?); there's the hot chick he may or may not wind up hooking up with, complete with all the tense chemistry and all that. HOWEVER, to counteract that bit of PC, formulaic tv stuff, there is also really good writing and cool music. Aimee Mann was on the last episode.


sitboaf said...

Wooo, Love Monkey!
That Mike Nesmith is the most talented, but Davey Jones is my favorite. He's soooo cute.