the answer is hell no

If you're going to annoy me with your whining on a date, causing me to lose all respect for you as a man, do us both a favor and don't bother to call me 3 weeks later wanting to go out again. If you had any chance of redeeming yourself, it would have been in the days immediately following the whining. If you told me you somehow just broke all former laws of science by getting your period, and you were just strangely girly, and didn't realize it until the morning, for example. My fascination would have been piqued enough to listen. At this point, though? I'm afraid not.

I just knew he'd annoying.

PS. It doesn't help your case when someone infinitely more fabulous comes along and makes me wonder what I might have been thinking to go out with someone I was convinced was gay to begin with anyway.


Jeff said...

CNG surfaces again. Much like a zenith rising from the ashes. Huzzah!
Oh, what? Oh, it's over. Oh, OK.

Kel said...


like duh!

sitboaf said...

Like a "zenith" rising from the ashes? Ummm, no.
Shame on you, writer-boy.
And anyway, he is more like Ralph "Nadir".

Jeff said...

Should it have been "like a fallen zenith"?

I just wanted to revisit how high certain people were on Cute Not Gay and his entire posse of possibilities. Then came the window-washer debacle and the zenith's fall from grace...I guess no relation to the window washing thing, but still gets me bothered.

SO that's where it came from. If I must, here is a NEW and edited version...

Seriously? You mean that yoga-yoda, sexpot, clean-cut cute and yet not gay hottie has fallen off the reality bandwagon? I should say so! And I would say to him, Just Say Know (as in know when you've lost her and just deal with it loser)!

I've come to believe that Bitty saves herself for more worthy souls. Albeit, she could be so caught up with Mr. Right Now that she could overlook others. Say la vee, if it's to be we'll see.