are you sick of him yet?

The new guy: MWP. I'm not, so if you are, I apologize and you may leave quietly.

Ok, now that the haters have know what's adorable? The attempts of the suit to somehow sneak away from work early to see me Monday and Tuesday because waiting until the weekend isn't an option. Monday was a flop..he got bogged down with stuff, and last night probably should have been, since he was obligated to entertain other suit-types who are in town. But because he is a clever one, he stayed local so that when he could finally get rid of them, we could meet up. It was late in real job-holder time, almost 11:00, but that's early for insomniacs, and I was very happy to see him. The phone call as he was walking toward my building in which he waved his arms so I could see him approaching? Also pretty adorable. I was a very bad influence and kept him up far too late, because I'm selfish that way and have no respect for "the man" who expected him at the office bright and early.

I haven't mentioned the age factor, which is sort of interesting. When I called my friend, K, to discuss the new boy, one of her first questions was "how old is he?" Which is a fair question, and considering that the ex is almost 12 years older than I am, one that you would think I'd have expected. I think I actually heard her fall over when I told her that MWP is exactly my age. I usually don't really dig guys my own age, and though I briefly explored the younger boy option, that was a miserable failure. The point is, the last guy I dated who was even within a couple of years of my age was... high school. I have to say, there is a fun aspect of connecting with someone on the importance of bad 80s music and movies and other random pop culture stuff. I also think that he's tolerable because he's lived a lot for someone our age, which I have as well.

The point is, all is going well. Still haven't discovered anything particularly annoying or faulted. Believe me, I'm still looking.


Tom said...

Sounds like maybe this is the first guy your age that you've dated who actually is your age. We're funny like that.