Things I Do Not Recommend

1. Working for many hours on a roof deck in only a tanktop (without sunscreen), even though you are welding. When it's nice out, and you are working outside, it might seem like a good idea to only wear a tank top, as your new working environment's temperature is now approximately equal to that of the surface of the sun (give or take a degree). The result? Sunburn, resulting in very uncute tan lines, from both the actual sun and the welder. Welder's tan is oh-so-sexy.

2. Working for your ex in the aforementioned environment, so you get the ranting about when everything will be finished, while he critiques the unfinished piece, then simultaneously wants to make small talk about family matters and the like. Is it possible to force someone into being bi-polar? Because if it is, he is trying his damnedest. Am I supposed to be hurrying to get things done, or do the things he is specifically concerned about right this second, or should I be empathizing with his family issues?

3. Working under both the aforementioned circumstances without food for 14 hours or so. Did I mention this project is being installed on the roof deck of a restaurant? It's not the unavailability of the food, it's the desire to eat it when you are subjecting yourself to surface-of-the-sun heat and I-will-make-you-bipolar-if-it's-the-last-thing-I-do ex.

4. Going home tired and cranky and starving, cooking yourself food and stuffing yourself til you feel ill, then trying to sleep. Which you can't, because you're an insomniac, which is aggravated by stress.

My life is totally fun this week. And did I mention I'll be moving again? Oh, that will be fun. Stay tuned for that joy.


Jeff said...

You shoulda called. I was up 'til 3AM doing work that I'm just wrapping up now.

Are you moving on up to the east side. To a deee lux apartment in the sky?

I've succeeding in making three exes bi-polar. It's a gift.

Have a warm weekend...oh, are you coming to Boston this weekend? Let me know. It's supposed to be nice. Bring your bike so we can go riding.

tom said...

Jeff, in addition to the ex-girlfriends you've made bi-polar, don't forget the ones you drove to lesbianism and the two that joined that cult.

What a crappy day. Are you done now at least? And where can we see you're work? Huh, huh, where is it? I want pitchas!

sitboaf said...

drink water. you haven't had enough water. and get some ointment. and sleep. and then drink more water.