Nutter Butter

Ok, I'm not usually a blogging-about-hollywood-gossip sort of girl. However, when someone is this nutty, it cannot be ignored. This chick apparently showed up at Colin Farrell's appearance on Leno, to serve him defamation suit papers after he got a restraining order on her crazy ass because she's a stalker. Why am I assuming this is all true? Why would I take the side of some actor I don't know in this odd little scenario? Well, anyone who writes a book with the byline I Fucked Alec Baldwin in His Ass...also referenced in the song, "Colin Farrell is my Bitch"...pretty much loses any shred of credibility (and dignity). Besides, if someone isn't able to grasp the simple concept that black text on a dark red background is not legible, how am I supposed to take anything they say seriously?

As an added bonus, you can go to the myspace page and see the other scary individuals who fully support her. Tell me this guy's face isn't the last thing you'd want to see on a dark street. Eeeeeek.

There's also all these references to the video she supposedly has of her having sex with Colin Farrell, that she had up on her website. Sorry, ladies, it's nowhere to be found. Some people really work diligently to get their 15 minutes of fame. I'm simply not that committed to it.


Kel said...

ok -

1. Is white lettering on a black background bad too? it came with the template and you know I am not html savvy - but I was thinking of changing the lettering to black

2. hell! geographically speaking, I COULD run into that guy on the street!

3. whao! I hope her 15 minutes are up soon!

elizabeth said...

i don't love the white lettering on black background, as it makes my eyes hurt eventually, but it's better than dark on black, because at least it can be read. I wish your name linked to your blog instead of your profile, since i always find it difficult to get to you

and i really hope you don't run into that guy, he is scary!

Kel said...

yeah, I like the black for photo background, but the lettering is hard - and I'm just not savvy enough to change the code

there is no way to link from my profile without adding the blog to bloggers listings and searches

I am right under you on Joe's sidebar (I'm not hip about the listing)

Kel said...


you totally missed my joke about changing text to black on black ;)