how to entertain me

Point me in the direction of a website that lets me draw a pig as a means of psychoanalysis.

via K

I would love to see your drawings..promise to post mine later (I saved it) along with the analysis.

*Update: Scroll down to see my pig drawing, and what it means. If you haven't done this yet, don't cheat. Draw your own first, fuckers.

translation: low bullshit tolerance: totally true

translation: a bit confrontational? yeah, true

translation: think too much, cynical. check, check. hence, insomnia.

translation: i'm always in a period of major change. who isn't? if you're one of those rare people who lives a very even keeled life and is not in a state of constant change, screw you...and isn't your life totally boring?

translation: i like to think this is true

translation: when you're actually having sex, it's totally good. this does not currently apply to actual life

So, there you have it.


Joe Speaker said...

"The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life. You have no sex life."



elizabeth said...

man, how do you draw a piggy without the curly-q tail?

look at it like the beginning of a statement..."you have no sex life....right now, but soon, it's on." positive thinking. hehe.