the sweetest


MonkeyDragon said...

crap! every time you post pictures of that kid with the eyes my ovaries twitch!

dang - she is going to be a beauty!

kerrianne said...

The EYES. Oh, the eyes. Killing me softly, they are.

elizabeth said...

you know what the sick part is? she is way cuter in person. seriously.

damn, i love that baby.

Huge Junk said...

When you eventually have one of your own I fear for the Digital Camera. The thing is going to burn up from all the pictures.

Those eyes. Wow!

Nice trait to have running in your family.

Jeff said...

Twist it!!! TWIST IT!!! Before it cutes again!

MsFreud said...

Het noticed you put in for a smack at it2m.
Good luck LB. :)

elizabeth said...

huge: yes, when i do have one of my own, the camera will be a familiar sight, for sure. i fear i may do permanent eye damage with all the flash.

jeff: she is big enough to twist herself, and she does it with uber cuteness

freud: yeah i must be a glutton for punishment. i looked for you review on there but i couldn't find it.