who and why

If you ever wander over to the "Stalking" list over <---there, you may have noticed some new folks. NaBloPoMo is largely to blame for this, which I've mentioned before. I thought I'd point some of those people out to you and tell you why I read them, so you won't have to click on each of that ever-growing list of names yourselves. I am an enabler of the lazy. And yes, I do read all of them...every day (or at least as much as they update). OCD people, it's no joke.

First, the Heathers (no, not the fabulous 80's movie starring Winona):

Following in the tradition started by dooce, the other Heathers of the world are stepping up. Heather Nicole is a kindred spirit. She does equal amounts of bitching about things that annoy us all, while remaining seemingly optimistic. And she laughs at her grandmother when she falls in the snow. And takes pictures of it. What's not to love?

Heather Anne is a big kid, she still takes joy in coloring with brand new crayolas and she is the creator of the Hoagies, people. She also gets busted blogging about old boyfriends, and she mourns the loss of all Americans because we lost our beautiful English accent somewhere down the line while we created our little melting pot over here. Yeah, she's a badass.

Abigail is not a Heather, but she is totally fun and a really good writer, too. If you can read that last post of hers without missing someone you have loved until it aches, you are a robot. I don't like robots, they creep me out.

Schnozz has used her daily posting for the month of November to narrate the tale of how she and her husband became the happily married couple they are today. This may sound sickening to those of you who haven't read it, but I assure you, it's anything but. In fact, they systematically disproved all accepted theories of how to develop a healthy relationship, and instead, molded something sturdy and beautiful from crap, in the form of drunkenness and denial. How's that for an appealing metaphor? Just read the whole thing, it's totally worth it.

This last one is not a new read, just one that I was hoping would add an rss feed at some point. No such luck as of yet.Que Sera Sera is always fun to read. Cringe in and of itself is so brilliant, I just cannot wait to see it air on tv. Her sporadic postings of things other than cringe are equally enjoyable, though, and she recorded a couple of episodes of a podcast a while back with her friend, Scott. Drunken podcasting at its very best.


kerewin said...

Speaking of OCD do you read them in a very particular order and feel odd if you do it differently?

No? Just me, then. Figures.

MonkeyDragon said...

well, uh, duh - totally have to read them in same order -

MonkeyDragon said...

with in categories of course - but you got that part, right? :0

elizabeth said...

you are both officially crazier than I am. sweet. i only have a semi-order. i don't insist on it, and i definitely don't read in categories.

wait, is saying i'm the least crazy equivalent to saying "i'm an underachieving crazy"?