Because apparently, I'm 14

I read somewhere that if something makes you cringe with humiliation, it's probably a source of hilarity to others. With this in mind, I would like to prove my dedication to entertaining the fine readers of this nonsense.

I had a date yesterday with CYB. We had a good time, hung out at the Whitney, ordered Thai food in for dinner, and I exposed him to all of my TiVo addictions.

I woke up this morning with a huge, purple hickey on the side of my neck. Yeah, I know, I'm cringing. Even better? I had to open the yoga studio this morning, which means I got to display it for an audience of scantily clad yoga students, while they tried to check into class and not stare at it.

(hoping comments are still broken)


Placebo said...


Jeff said...

You failed to mention the LOCATION of the hickey. As this is Yoga class, I can only assume this hickey is on your thigh as that is an area that 'might' be exposed when you perform (sic) downward dog.

By the way, can you mapquest me some directions, I've been thinking seriously about taking up yoga and this could be just the impetus to get me moving.


Jeff said...

And yes, comments are working!! Wooo hooo!

(I also got them working on my site - new design and all. Thanks.)


elizabeth said...

jeff, you fail the reading comprehension portion of the exam. neck, perv.