Thanks and Sorry II


To the people asking to see pictures of the hideous hickey; to the person from Sunday's yoga class who felt it necessary to discuss the hickey with CNG, so I got a fun phone call from him; and to the dumbass who gave it to me.


To the person who came here in search of "frottage subway". I'm so not feeling you up, and I don't even take the subway (almost ever). You may want to try Tokyo, I hear it's a much bigger problem there. Women even get their own subway cars during rush hour because the men are such pervs.


Jeff said...

So are you saying that you're not not licking toads?

sitboaf said...

I've lost my ability to understand sarcasm, so believe me when I say I am utterly confused.

kerrianne said...

I totally want my own subway car. Or, you know, I'd settle for a subway in general. : )

elizabeth said...

jeff: i have no idea what to say to that
boaf: if you've lost your sarcasm, you may never again understand a word i say
kerrianne: no, you only THINK you want a subway, it's not nearly as cool as you think...again, unless you're in tokyo