Happy Birthday to ME

Yup, it's my birthday. I'm still down south with the family, and having a great time playing with the most beautiful and smartest baby in the whole world. Hope everyone has had a great Christmas. I'll be back home Thursday night or Friday, so play amongst yourselves until then.


Jeff said...

Oh, so another year older doesn't result in a ceasing of your wicked ways?!

Now you've resorted - in your 21st year - to stripping the baby naked, twisting a santa cap on its head, affixing some racy henna tattoo on its behind and then sending it into the fields to get covered with ticks.


Well I hope you have a happy birthday. And I hope you can forgive yourself for the very real torment you foist upon this child - an ugly child at that - every single day.



placebo said...

Happy birthday, mlp! Wanna make out?

vajra belle said...

I wish I could be as witty as you or Jeff. A girl can dream... Happy Birthday!

MonkeyDragon said...




Huge Junk said...

Happy Birthday!

elizabeth said...

Thank you all! And yes, elp, I totally wanna make out. Let me know what time to pick you up at the airport for my smooches.

Huge Junk said...


All I have to do is ask and by a plane ticket?

elizabeth said...

oh, silly, i'm not THAT easy. placebo is just that special

Huge Junk said...

I didn't really think so, but I spelled the word "buy" incorrectly anyways.

It's how I roll.