A porcupine in a tanning booth

That is hilarious to me. You can read the unremarkable review-type thingy here:

So, based on that (because I do occasionally actually pay attention to criticism...you know, when I feel like it), I reduced the ad space a bit and put more posts on the first page. The rest of it, I like. Messy is OK, it's much like the insides of my head. Besides, it will all change again in a couple of days. As for the IE discrepancies? Well, IE sucks. Sorry to those of you who continue to use it, as it will never look quite right. Though I do try...really.

Moving on...

Obviously, I'm back from the family trip. It was fun, loved seeing everyone, and was overall, a great Christmas and birthday. Everyone kept saying that Lillian wouldn't really get what was going on, being only 11 1/2 months old, and while she didn't know what the deal was with Christmas, let me assure you of this. She totally got the present thing. She indeed realized she got lots of loot, and she loved every bit of it. There was no playing with the boxes, being content with ribbon, or ignoring the real stuff. She set to work on playing with each and every thing under that tree immediately. It was a musical baby Christmas. She got a piano, a xylophone (whose mallet she wielded for the entire week as if it was a magic wand containing the power of the very universe), and a drum. She was rockin it hard.

The rest of us gave and received things that were especially needed and/or meaningful, as we pretty much channeled all of our whimsical gifting energy into the kid stuff. Amazingly, my mother, father, and stepmother were all present, and nobody lost any limbs...or cried...or yelled (much, anyway). It was a successful, if a bit weird, dysfunctional family gathering.

To offset the family togetherness, I will be going bar hopping with the fabulous gay boys this evening.

I hope Santa was good to you all. It's nice to be home. Passing out in a drunken stupor in my own bed will be really comforting.


MsFreud said...

Lil'B... you got your review over at it2m.

Hope your holler-day was jolly! Happy new year!


elizabeth said...

i did, indeed. happy new year to you too!