My Super Friday Night

Yes, it's Friday. It's 8pm. I should be getting prettified to go...I don't know, somewhere, but it's not happening. I will instead be hanging out here, at home, keeping my eye on the small beast who came home from the vet a couple of hours ago. He's got all kinds of stitches in him and even though he's got one of those snazzy and oh-so-fashionable cones on his head, I still don't trust him to not attempt self-suture-removal.

So, here I sit, and somehow I got drawn into this tattoo (and other body modification) site, because well...because I'm fascinated by people's fetishes. I have a fetish fetish. That's not to say I have the desire to do a lot of the stuff, I'm just fascinated that people do want to. Also, I'm all for self-expression in any form if it makes the expresser happy and doesn't harm anyone else.

I started looking at all these tattoos, which I think at their best, are beautiful pieces of art, and at their worst can just be sad life-long reminders of that drunken night wherever, when the person stumbled into the nearest doorway with a neon light flashing "TATTOO". The particular site*** I was browsing was definitely the former. I've been asked by lots of guys I've dated why I've never gotten a tattoo, and I can definitely see why. I'm the kind of girl who would have a tattoo, if only I could decide what I wouldn't tire of. Ok, whatever. It's a commitment issue. I have a fear of commitment...happy?

But then, I saw this, and it made me really want a tattoo. For real. You're welcome in advance, boys:

click for detail

So pretty though, huh?

***I directed you to the tattoo portion of the site, though there are some fairly graphic images, because people tattoo ALL parts of their bodies. If you are easily offended, you may want to stay away. Also, if you even had to think for a moment about perhaps being offended by a tattoo somewhere you don't want to see, I beg of you to not go exploring the rest of the site. It's not subtle. In fact, lots of it looks painful. Hehehehe... you totally want to go look now.


Huge Junk said...

I've never seen a tattoo like that before. Interesting. Too big though, methinks. I don't have one, won't get one, but don't mind them if they're small or not retarded.

Although there was one girl with a ton of tat's on her arms, and I have to imagine more of her clothes covered body. She looked so much like a girl I had liked that I was all about her. Hard to pick up a girl at a wedding when she's there with a guy and they're all over each other though.

Greg said...

Having a fetish fetish is a cool idea and way better than having one. Not that I'd know. Okay, fine, I'd know. I simply can't stop thinking about ostriches. But I've said too much.

elizabeth said...

hg: i definitely wouldn't go the cover-half-my-body route, but i'm considering something like this. i will consider it for probably 2 years or so before i actually do anything. i'm ocd that way.

greg: as someone who has read your blog for a long time, the ostrich fetish wouldn't surprise me in the least. (pleasantly surprised by your presence, btw...thanks)