Q & A

The new roomie is cool so far. He works nights, so we don't run into each other all that often, because I'm the nocturnal type. Unless he comes home at 4am-ish and I'm still awake. This happens more often than I'd like. This Q&A post is inspired by his questions, but feel free to write in your own. I'd be happy to answer.

Q: So, you obviously hate sleep. What the hell do you do all those hours the rest of the world is in dreamland?

A: Actually, I love sleep like a fat kid loves cake, it's just out of my reach most nights. Luckily, I have lots of stuff to read, thanks to my lovely internet. There are blogs and news stories and stuff like this, that totally suck time from existence.

Then there's TiVo, of course. How did we ever live without this? Actual TiVo contents as I write this:

Studio 60: Last night's episode, which I haven't fully watched, because roomie was asking questions, and actual conversation broke into tv time.
Heroes: see above
Dog Whisperer: I want Caesar to come live with me so my dogs will be ridiculously well-behaved instead of spoiled creatures who own me.
The L Word: This show is so damn good
Gordon Ramsay's F Word: Still watching, even though the pigs' days are numbered. I will be fast forwarding through much of that episode.
Gray's Anatomy: Several of these episodes, even though I've watched them all. I just find it hard to delete them. I heart McDreamy.
Iconoclasts: I also heart Eddie Vedder. This episode is with him and Laird Hamilton, surfer extraordinaire.
Six Degrees: Show that was allegedly cancelled, though I've heard rumors of the remaining episodes going back on the schedule. It's an interesting show, but the reason it's recorded is completely selfish. One of the characters on the show is an interior designer and she's designing a restaurant. In this episode, the opening is in a matter of days but they're missing the LIGHTS!!! The lights they speak of? They're ones I made. This was shot in a restaurant in NYC where my work is installed. I'm really hoping that they air the remaining episodes so my lights get some tv time. That would be so cool. You know what would suck? If they swapped out my lights with something else for the show. I would probably throw up a little.

Q: You don't actually believe that people landed on the moon, do you?

A: Ummm, pardon me? Well, yeah, actually. I do. [to which he responded by laughing heartily and explaining his conspiracy theory about why this didn't actually happen]. I agreed that we'd have to disagree, since arguing about such things is a lot like banging one's head against a concrete wall.

Q: So, why is it that I don't see you going out on all kinds of dates? (fabulous gay boys don't really count).

A: [to which i responded by laughing heartily] You're a man. You should be able to answer that better than anyone. Don't you realize how absolutely annoying you all can be? Sometimes a girl needs a break. Besides, my last real "date" ended in disaster. I haven't quite gotten over being annoyed. Ok, it's been over a month. I should probably get over it.