Time Travel

I'm transporting you all to February a day early, since tomorrow I plan to be locked in my studio all day.


More Weird Me Facts:

I think that everyone has some degree of OCD. Some odd ways my OCD manifests:

I can't stand to have anything sitting around the bathroom sink except soap and hand lotion. It's a clutter-free zone.

If my bed is unmade or if there are dishes in the sink when I leave the house, it will bug me all day.

The couch and coffee table have to be completely centered and parallel, or it will totally annoy me. This is an issue when someone plops onto the couch and it shifts, because I will totally move it with them on it. How annoying is that?


kerrianne said...

I'm the same! way with bathroom clutter. And kitchen sink clutter. And I face all my cups in the cupboard the same way. Um. Yeah. Slight OCD is awesome. But really, it helps when clean is the word.


elizabeth said...

hehe yeah, my cabinets are totally sleeping with the enemy. it can definitely freak people out, but clean is good.

MonkeyDragon said...

I once had someone comment on my freezer being all organized - and of course the cups have to all face the same way - and I actually try to leave the bed unmade at least once a month as an exercise for myself - and the CDs are not only alaphabetized but categorized - and my daughter's OCD is totally different than mine so we are always reorganizing each other -