On the Move

and yes, she pretty much smiles constantly.


Kenny Ray said...

Adorable! Simply adorable!

Lizza said...

Those photos are just so sweet--especially the last one! I love how her her hair looks in it.

elizabeth said...

thanks! i think she is the cutest human on the planet, but i also realize i'm a little biased because she's my niece. that last one was a picture my sister took just for me, because whenever i'm with her, i give her nightly bath, and i always give her punk rock baby hair. so it's my favorite.

Jeff said...

Tell me if I'm wrong. That last picture of her in the tub PROVES my point about this devil baby and her twisting-obsessed auntie!!


There you can see the comparison.

Jeff said...

Too lazy to copy and paste to see a picture of the baby and her twin?

Just click on this link (if links are supported by Bitty) and you'll jump there in a new page.


Otherwise, just suck it up and go look.


MonkeyDragon said...

Oh, wow! she's like walking and shopping already! LOL!