What do you do when you suddenly have some extra time on your hands that requires mindless distraction? You stumble upon some random crap. This is why I heart the internet.

You've probably seen this guy's stuff before (in case you haven't, he does 3D drawings on pavement), but here is some of Julian Beever's work I hadn't seen. Click the photo for more.

Ever wonder what your handwriting says about you? Mine says:

"extroverted and emotionally responsive
great inner strength (or callousness)
aspiring, goal-oriented

How much caffeine would it take to kill you? Find out

If you'd like a clever way to kill me,

"It would take 97.50 shots of Espresso to put you down."

I'd happily drink them, too. It would be so easy. Mmmmm coffee.

Crazy online art project. I went to all 99 rooms, because I'm OCD like that.
99 Rooms


mist1 said...

I came across the death by caffeine link about a year ago and was frantically searching for it a few weeks ago. Thank you so much. You see, I've gained 30 (much needed) pounds this year and I need to update my handy chart. I feel better now.

elizabeth said...

you're very welcome. i always wondered how close to death i come each morning. turns out, not so close.