Happy SBJD

Ok, boys, you can all thank Kere for the reminder about what should, indeed, be your favorite holiday ever, and it's coming up soon...

Steak and BJ Day

For those of you unaware, March 14th is the man's answer to Valentine's Day. Much like most things from the minds of men, it is exactly what it sounds like. No hidden agenda, no complicated subtext. That's right, ladies. Men actually spell it out for you, but I do realize that sometimes we like to embellish these things in our heads somehow, so I will clarify.

Steak and BJ Day requires only those two things.

1. steak: Cook it, buy it, whatever.
2. blowjob: If you're really opposed to this, I'm sure he'll accept one from someone else with your blessing. He may actually prefer that, if your skills are weak. It's HIS day. Let him have his brief moments of happiness.

Steak and BJ Day does NOT require any of the following, and these things should be avoided:

  • sappy greeting cards
  • dressing up (however, you may dress up in something kinky while performing the second requirement)
  • getting together with family to celebrate (that could be awkward)
  • big, romantic gestures
  • deep, meaningful discussions about your relationship

simple enough, right?

I'm not at all a fan of Valentine's Day, but I am a big fan of this holiday, because it does everything right that VDay does wrong. It's not commercial, it's not some excuse for giving and receiving material crap under the guise of romance. It's a little superficial, but it's pure in its simplicity.

I will not, however, be celebrating this year. It's just a matter of geography. Sad, huh? There's always next year.


Betty Underground said...

I have never heard of this holiday but intend to do what I can to spread the word and embrace it!

You rock!

F-Train said...

A matter of geography? Clearly you need to find yourself a man with huger junk, so that geography is no obstacle.

Kenny Ray said...

So, what, do vegetarians get tofu and a hand job instead?

elizabeth said...

betty: please do spread the word. glad bettyfest was a hit (even though my invite must have been lost in the mail), and ditto on the rockness.

ftrain: boy, you must be out of your ever-lovin mind.

kenny: welcome, loving your blog so far. as for the vegetarian thing, i think it's just mean to deny them the good stuff, even if they want to eat tofu.

Huge Junk said...

If I get it reaaaally angry I may be able to reach Elizabeth from here. She may need to get in her westernmost area of her apartment and open a window, but I think it could reach.

Betty Underground said...

BettyFest '08 is already in the works and it is shaping up to be a real bloglovefest! Consider yourself on the list!

Robbie said...

In honour of such a great holiday, I offer the following Not-For-Hallmark greetings….

It’s March 14th
You know what that means
I’ll gobble your knob
And juggle your beans
Now eat your steak
Like a good little chum
And when you’re all finished
I’ll swallow your cum!


Kiyotoe said...

I think I love you.......

thank you for this reminder.