Lazy Blogger

I know, I know. Unfortunately, I've had so much work to do...both in my fake job, and in my art (yay! real!) job, that I have found it difficult to muster words for this page. Besides, I figure if I'm absent enough, Wheezy will step in and I will open my site and giggle at stuff I didn't even have to put there. (I'd just like to point out that the flowers, they are very cute, and if you don't like it, you should create your own masthead, so there!)

Just 2 days until the weekend, though, which will be filled with goodness. Until then, I leave you with this super cool link. If you are, or ever aspire to be, a parent, and you don't laugh your ass off at it, you should give up all hope of raising a child with any sort of success.

Oh, and speaking of kid stuff....

Guess what perfect, beautiful, genius little girl is going to be a big sister to a new perfect, beautiful, genius new baby? Uh huh, I'm going to have a new little niece or nephew to twist and adore.

baby's first picture:


Wheezy said...

I just pretend I don't like flowers. In reality I'm pro-flower and just haven't come out of the closet yet.

When I do come out of the closet though I'm going to cover my entire place in flowers, turn my penis into a vagina, and rename myself Orchid.

elizabeth said...

that would totally be my luck. i knew you were too good to be true!

can i adorn you in pretty dresses and take you out dancing? (let's face it, you'd be a terribly ugly woman. it would be funny)

Betty Underground said...

Wheezy - You've been tagged!

If you choose to accept your "tag," post seven random facts about yourself and then tag seven more blogs in their comments section.