You'd think that with the past weekend's gay pride, and my love for the fabulous gay boys, I'd have super fun stories to tell. Sadly, I missed a pride party on Saturday night, because of actual responsible nonsense. I rebelled against this shortly after by drinking so much, that when I woke up on Sunday for yoga, I was still drunk. Yup, still went to yoga. Drunk. Probably more fun to watch than it was to experience.

So Sunday, instead of attending the parade, I went home and went back to bed. I did, however, have dinner with my favorite FGB, who frankly, should have his gay card revoked because I had to tell him which weekend pride actually was. Funny thing happened while at dinner.

We were sitting, FGB John and a couple who live in the neighborhood. Last year, I had gone out with a guy a couple of times, but the chemistry wasn't there for various reasons. When I first met him, I was convinced he was gay. Some of you may remember him as CNG (cute not gay). Well, the man formerly known as CNG came strolling by, and waved. I waved him over to come say hi, and I now realize, in hindsight, that he seemed a bit uncomfortable. We've remained completely friendly, so that's kind of strange, right? I introduced him around the table, and we talked for a couple of minutes. As soon as he walked away, I got the lowdown. CNG is indeed, at the very least, CDB...cute definitely bisexual, if not just completely closeted. AHA! Of course he is. I have acute gaydar. Why I ever doubted myself is a mystery.

Here's the question. I'm not sure if I'm flattered that a gay guy was interested in me or if I'm insulted. On the one hand, there's the theory that I'm so irresistible that even a gay guy can want me (this is the theory I'd like to believe). On the other, maybe I just seem like a woman who'd be:

a. just fine with my man having casual sex with other guys on the side OR
b. too oblivious to realize it?



elp said...

Obviously, it is because you are irresistible. Now that that question has been answered, I have one for you. Last night, I had a dream in which a giraffe told me it suspected I had been bitten by a tsetse fly. Checking the phone book, I confirmed I had indeed been bitten twice on my foot. What does that mean?

mist1 said...

I confess that I brought my latest slampiece to be checked out by my hairstylist. Trent's not interested in anything other than my hair, which is fine with me. I loved his confirmation that Slampiece is hot.

elizabeth said...

elp: here is my amateur dream interpretation-

the giraffe is a symbol that you feel you are sticking your neck out for someone and are uncomfortable about it, or interfering with someone else's business. the fly is a sign of petty problems or quarrels/general aggravation, and since books in dreams are associated with progress, perhaps you are finding your way out of those annoying things. ta da.

mist: oh i'm all about introducing the current man to the fgb's for hotness confirmation. also, because they are always aware of what the man looks like naked before they even meet him (or at least all the important parts)