It's annoying. For those of you who have never experienced the inability to sleep, no matter how tired you actually feel, imagine this:

You walk into a room with a bountiful buffet of food and drink. You're kind of hungry, but make your way through the crowd, chatting with people, milling around, and know that eventually, you'll get around to the food. At some point, mid-conversation, you realize you're actually really very hungry and you head over to the table with all of your favorite foods laid out before you.

As you approach the table, you hit an invisible wall that stands between you and the yumminess. You just can't get to the food, but it's completely in your reach, were it not for the damn wall.

That's what it's like. I would totally pay good money right now for the proper tools to destroy the invisible wall.


Wheezy said...

I never really understood insomnia.

You just gotta try harder, right?

Maybe your sleeping conditions aren't setup correctly. It should be cold and dark. Plus you should either work some magic or get your magic worked just prior to bedtime to wear you out.

(and maybe some breathe-right strips!)

Falstaff said...

I always found that a combination of breathe-right strips, warthog-repellent, warm milk and internet porn made for the best sleeping conditions.

In all honesty, though, I've been there and it sucks. No caffeine after 2PM, no alcohol within 2 hours of going to bed, something to serve as a white-noise generator (window AC unit or dehumidifier work well), and frequently a hot shower before bed all combine to help me sleep when I'm dealing with that crap. That, and the aforementioned "getting your magic worked."

elizabeth said...

yeah i've tried the no caffeine thing after 2 when i had long bouts of sleeplessness. right now it seems to just be an intermittent night or two, so it's not so horrible.

i still have a week to wait for the magic. figures my one true cure for insomnia would be hundreds of miles away.

mist1 said...

Sometimes, I don't sleep. After the hallucinations begin, I start to fear death. Then, finally, I will unexpectedly wake up from a lovely little nap, only to find that I'm driving.

Good times.