I'd like to become a racist.


Only one race.

And it's because I just saw this headline...

Soulja Boy's "Crank That" Is The #1 Song, Ringtone, Digital Download


I've just become dumber because of this and it angers me. Honestly people, is this really the kind of stuff you like? I'm stunned. This song is amazingly retarded.

I see no other course of action. He's ruined it for all black people.

I will only rescind this decision if I receive naked pictures of Nell Carter before midnight tonight. (What can I say, I'm a chubby chaser)

And I just spent $30 on the first season of Martin, too.


(Quick side note: As a black man I'm allowed to comment on topics related to black people. So there, whitey. In your face!)


mist1 said...

When the .22 revolvers came out, I couldn't stop laughing. You can't wave around .22s in the basement next to mom's fake ficus. It's just too much. Mom would have a fit.

Jeff Cutler said...

Better music Forbidden Pigs.

I like the name because it's all about eating pigs.