Today, I was going through my Stalking list and realized it needed some revamping. Some are now passworded, so you all couldn't read them anyway, and some haven't been updated in a loooong time. More importantly, I had to make room for some other people.

First and foremost, the return of mytgod. Like most things, nothing can really compare to the original, but the hijaker of what was my favorite read has done him justice. Besides, he is obviously a Photoshop addict, and that is something I can relate to. The common recurrence of male camel toe is priceless. Is it just me or is that guy, in all of his weird, distorted body shapes still drop dead sexy? Just me? Ok. Moving on...

I had a dilemma with categorizing mist1's must get hobby, because she's a super cool chick, but she is also hilarious. I settled on sticking her with the chick's rule list because duh...she's a chick. She rules. Go. Laugh. I'll wait here.

Finally, there were some poker degenerates I've just been lazy about linking to. Because I'm lazy. Also, if you think they all just recount poker hands ad nauseum, you obviously don't realize I'm not that much of a bitch. I can torture you with my own banality. They are entertaining folks. You will likely learn a lot more about bacon than you will about playing cards. Not that I approve of eating bacon.


Dr. Pauly said...


mist1 said...

It's like you knew that I have exactly nine days to learn how to pay Texas Hold 'Em. You may have saved my from humiliation or if I am a quick learner, maybe I'll win that seat in the Vegas tournament.

Jeff Cutler said...

Is it me or do the word verifications get longer each time I post a comment? It's like the InterWeb is trying to stifle my creativity.

Well thank you Bitty for keeping my dream alive with the link.

xxx ooo and all that.