Happy Friday

This post makes it past the first official week of NaBloPoMo, and you know what? Not so hard. I can totally do this for a month. Especially if I keep doing things that are stupid, so I can share them with you all.

Last night, I agreed to go to dinner in the city, without really questioning where said dinner would be held. I sort of just went with the flow, and it was not a great idea. You see, since the 10 days of the cleanest living I've done...ever, with the whole yoga training, I've been eating pretty healthy. Getting back to cooked food, much less meaty food, has been a slow process. When my man was here last week, it was my first meal without a vegetable or fruit as the main ingredient, but I didn't overdo it. Last night, in the car on the way to the restaurant, I discovered that it was at Plataforma, a Brazilian steak house. I almost thought the boyfriend had concocted this scenario, with his sheer love of this cuisine, as he was just at a similar place earlier in the week.

I've been there before. If I'd known that was the plan, I surely would have found a way to bow out gracefully, because my body? It just wasn't ready for the onslaught of carnivorous offerings. But alas, there I was, on my way. Carpe diem, right? Unlike the boyfriend, I did, in fact, visit the gigantic salad bar, but it was not enough to counteract the 8 different kinds of meat I ingested. It would have been more, if I ate pork, which I clearly don't (see sidebar <---). I have food hangover today, which totally sucks, because I don't even get booze hangover...ever. It may have been enough to push me into full-on vegetarianism. I'm in pain. I will be staying in tonight, likely watching a movie and eating anything that contains 0% protein.


Uncle Bracelet said...

I eat enough protein and carbs for the both of us. You stick to vegi's and fruits and we've got a match made in heaven.

Jesus probably feels so proud of himself right now...

F-Train said...

But Plataforma is so good! If you pass up an opportunity to go there, then the terrorists have already won. Glad to have you on board Team America. (Fuck yeah.)

KajaPoker said...

Please don't dis the Plataforma. It makes Kaja cry. Big tears. I miss it soooooo much.

And I can't believe F-Train eats there. That's probably where they make their profit margin.

elizabeth said...

u.b.: i can't actually call you "uncle" anything, it's just too dirty and wrong. but it's a deal. i'll leave the meatiness to you. hehe. that was dirty.

f-train: oh, it IS good, which is why I ate so much.

Kaja: no no no, i think plataforma is yummy. my little wimpy tummy couldn't handle it after eating like a bird for the past couple of weeks.

i would like to challenge you and f-train to a meat eat-off, because despite his ummm petite stature, i have a feeling he can put a beating on some food. (ha! betcha you thought i was going to say meat, huh? nope, too obvious).