long day

You know when you think you're going to have an easy day, but then one thing leads to another and you end up running in 46 different directions and not stopping until, say, 9:30pm and then you get home and realize that you're totally exhausted? Yeah, that was me today. That may be the other cure to insomnia (besides sex and wine), but it's hard to say because I haven't actually attempted sleep yet. But you know what? I'm totally going to try.


Uncle Bracelet said...

Little known fact:

The word exhaustion didn't initially exist. Not until a guy named Jonathan Sleepington III coined it in 1704.

Also, Ken Paprika has a spice named after him. Amazingly enough, it isn't Paprika but Ginger, which was his middle name.

Hope you sleep tight and refuse to let the bed bugs bite. Unless by "bed bugs" you mean my penis, and by "bite" you mean sex you up. Then I hope they bite away.

Glad I could drop some knowledge on you tonight.

elizabeth said...

you are so very romantic.

also hilarious and brilliant. thanks!