So there

Nobody can give a grandfatherly talking-to quite like Schnozz. Even if she is a 20-something year old chick. On the NaBloPoMo whining:

Four days to dry those sissy tears and pull yourself up by your blogstraps. Four days to stop whining about some imaginary ennui plague like a philosophical hypochondriac and start writing some posts—the sort of posts that go on and on about whatever you did all day.

I am going to defend my little bit of whining simply by saying this: The days I was all type type type, gotta go, bye!!!...those days were not so much about the nothing to say, as much as they were about being too busy having the sex. Also drinking lots of wine. When you have to cram all of the time you'd like to spend with your awesome boyfriend into just a few days a month, the sex and the wine drinking? They take priority. I know Schnozz understands what that's like, so I'm going to go ahead and assume I get a pass. Presumptuous? Perhaps, but it's my blog. So there.

Also? I know that nobody cares what I had for lunch, but you know what? I am totally telling you what I had for breakfast, just because I know when he reads it, he's going to be so grossed out, even though it's super delicious. And even though his taste buds are mean and prejudiced against all things delicious that aren't made of cow, I like to remind him that those lips that touched all that other stuff? They kiss you. Hahahahaha. Ready for it?

Avocado, banana/mango yogurt, and raspberries. Mmmmmmmmmmm.


Kenny Ray said...

I'm not only jealous of your sex getting, but of your wine drinking. Your breakfast? Not so much :)

elizabeth said...

well i guess you go on the list of delicious food haters, but that's fine. more for me!

Uncle Bracelet said...